OLD Our Story

be.loved was birthed out of a season of my own personal breakthrough. It was in this season that I realized just how much I struggled with tearing myself down with my thoughts and words on a daily, nearly constant, basis. In fact, it wasn’t a “struggle”, but was a way of life (lies have a way of becoming white noise that you don’t even notice). Discouragement was so engrained into my core that I couldn’t even look at myself in a mirror and speak, let alone find, positive words about myself that I really meant. It’s a surreal moment when you look yourself in the eyes and realize that you have nothing nice to say.

I spent a lot of years captive to the lies that I had believed about myself, after all, that is all that I spoke over myself. My feelings guided my thoughts, my thoughts formed my words, and my words manipulated my feelings; round-and-round it went. In that moment of revelation, standing in front of the mirror at a loss for words, I asked Jesus how HE sees me and rested in His presence while I waited to hear His reply. Immediately He responded with one simple, monumental word.

This is what Jesus sees when He looks at you, beloved. Even when you don’t see it, even when you don’t feel it, and even when you can’t say it (and even when you do know it!). There is so much freedom when you understand who you are and how much you are loved!

When God shared the vision for be.loved with me, He gave it to me with that exact spelling and punctuation. Our name represents an adjective and a verb. It’s the reminder that you are beloved...it's your identity. And it’s also an encouragement to allow yourself to be loved…to speak life over yourself and to let love to take root in your identity. My prayer is that you would encounter be.loved in the fullness of this meaning. 

I pray that my breakthroughs would champion you into greater victories. That you would have greater realizations of who you actually are and the adoration He looks at you with. That through each product we design, you would encounter Jesus’ heart for you. And that as you wear our products it would become easier and easier to speak praises over yourself.

You are beloved. Say it with me…“I am beloved” (and maybe even try declaring it into a mirror).